More Junebuns!

Welcomed 13 kits this morning!  10 out of Fancy (chin Rex) and 3 from Flo (Standard Chin).

Fancy built her nest next to the box, but at least it was a tidy, nice nest. 9 kits were tucked in the center, a single had drifted out and was a little chilled. It warmed up quickly and I believe it’ll be just fine. Too soon to know colors, but I suspect a couple of self chins, a dark chin, and several light chins. I’ll just have to wait til they get more fur.  

Fancy and Paul’s litter of 10
A Fancy kit, maybe a self chin? Too naked to tell yet for sure.


Flo built a great nest and buried her kits pretty deep, all 3 are hefty things, the smallest being bigger than Fancy’s largest. I’m just relieved she had them before they got any bigger!


Flo and Color’s litter of 3
All are healthy looking and consistent. Hope they grow fast!

Now I have one chin Rex left who I hope delivers today.  Stay tuned!


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