Tattooing Your Animal

Note: A firm banana still in the peel is handy to practice on. Clean needle before using on your animal if you do this!

Instructions are after the video.

  1. Always safely restrain your animal to minimize movement and injury. A damp towel or wrap, used properly, is a common method.
  2. Numbing sprays and/or creams should be wiped off, the ear cleaned with isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol, and wiped dry.
  3. Shake ink before opening. Squeeze several drops in the ink well, turn on pen,and dip needle into ink.
  4. Try not to dip the plastic tip, as that may result in alarge amount of ink on the ear, obscuring your tattoo. If this happens while tattooing, wipe any excess ink from ear with a damp cloth and lightly dab the pen tip on cloth to remove excess ink.
  5. Do not let needle hit against the bottom of the ink well, this will damage, bend or dull them.
  6. Using a firm object (or your finger) behind ear where tattoo is to be placed, slowly tattoo your characters, using enough pressure against ear to deposit ink below the epidermis. You may need to dip the needle into the ink frequently while running.
  7. When finished, a good layer of antiseptic cream can be applied over the newtattoo.
  8. Clean pen by running under flowing water, or isopropyl alcohol. Allow to drybefore storing. The needles are very delicate, avoid bumping them against hard objects which may bend, break or dull them.

Your pen takes two AA alkaline batteries located at the end. To open, see the image imprinted on the end. On the removed cap, there is an indicator to let you know battery direction. Please refer to the image at the bottom of these instructions.

To adjust the exposed needle length, rotate the tip and remove from pen. The needle can be either pulled out or pushed into the coupling for adjustment. If the coupling comes off the pen, it may simply be pushed back onto the exposed motor shaft.

Gently align tip so needle isn’t jammed when replacing, and rotate so that arrows align. Turn on and observe how far needle extends while running. You may have to adjust a few times until it is to your liking.

Contacting MA’s Rabbitry