‘Tis a season for giving!

A sincere thank you to my generous friend Shorty! I don’t often give hay to everyone in the barn. It’s not cheap and I’ve got limited dry storage. With the barn at maximum capacity (it’s prime breeding season right now), and the recent cold snaps, a few bales really doesn’t last long.

I got a text from my friend Shorty this afternoon, saying he’d gifted me a few bales and dropped them off while I was out running some errands. Woohoo! I am super grateful, and fortunate for such a friend. I loaded a tote and headed in the barn. Every single rabbit got a generous handful and I didn’t even lecture them about wasting it. Presented as a gift, I decided they may do whatever makes them happy with it. My gift to them was a serving of rolled oats on Christmas day. Frankly, I think they liked the hay more. I guess it’s like the difference between getting underwear versus a cool toy for Christmas. The barn was alive with the sounds of munching and jumping this evening. Here’s one of my young giant Chinchilla does, jumping around between nibbling.

3 thoughts on “‘Tis a season for giving!”

  1. Well thank you kindly, for the warm felt words Lil Lady,,
    The Christmas joys are alive & well with sprites pioneer women like yourself.
    Until then.
    Geaux Tigah’s.


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